Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Arrival in San Francisco

The alarm went off at 4:30 AM as scheduled. I said my goodbyes to Jeb, and we drove to the airport in the rain, where I said my goodbyes to Hubby! The flight was uneventful, although as we were landing, all I could think about was that the length of that flight was only 25% of what we have to do to get to Beijing! After a little confusion about where to pick up the shuttle to the hotel, I walked into the lobby to see Dad waiting for me. (Yes, this is a father-daughter experience, although Dad is both blog & camera shy). We went to eat lunch (Mexican!), walked on the waterfront trail, caught up with one another and checked in on vaious members of the family. We still don't have seats for the 12 hour flight tomorrow, which is making both of us quite nervous (what if we get two middles?)

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De Jones said...

Yippee skippy! You're on your way!
Enjoy the adventure. We'll be checking in to follow along from home.
Best wishes!
De and Brie