Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Jingshan Park, Senior University, & Beijing 5th Senior Compound

Today we had an opportunity to explore several relevant issues for older adults: preventative health, residential housing, and civic engagement. Through presentations and visits to three aging centers, we witnessed firsthand China's attempts to implement practical programs that are the result of the social policies we learned about in previous days.

Particularly interesting was the absolute priority given to physical fitness, not just by older adults, but by the entire population. An early morning (6:30 AM) visit to a park captured the extent to which exercise is a daily habit in the lives of the Chinese. This dedication to physical fitness extends into a commitment to mental fitness for older adults as evidenced through a visit to a Senior University. With more than 26,500 such schools, it seems that China is making strides in this area.

One commonality between the nations was evident during the tour of the residential facility. Shared rooms, public recreation areas, a planned activity calendar, and a lack of transportation for residents all were familiar.

It was clear today that China and the US share many of the same problems and challenges.


cphil said...

What a great opportunity for you ( and your Dad).

It is very interesting to hear firsthand from you information about another culture we would likely not learn about otherwise.

The emphasis on physical fitness at all ages is especially interesting. Maybe we should try this at home.

MadelonLowellScripter said...

Hello,Deb...great to be keeping up c you...have shared the blogs c certain residents/copied it for staff not able to get onto internet.
Am sure looking forward to your in-depth presentations upon your return.am also glad you & your Dad are having great time together.
did we not see your Mom blog you too?

Gern Blanston said...

Wow, you're pretty cute!

Deanna said...

Deb what a great experience and to enjoy it with your father! I am impressed with the emphasis on physical fitness there unlike the United States. Also the government's responsiblity to care for the aging population. Also impressed that men seem to take interest in their health more compared to women. That is the opposite in the U.S. Enjoy your experience.

cobosn said...

Deb, This sounds like an interesting trip. I hope to go on a similar trip someday? Thanks for sharing with us-even though you must be so tired when writing it. The senior university sounds interesting? I'm curious-what makes it different from our retirement or assisted living communities? Do you have any idea about their thoughts on people with disabilities?